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What is this?

A recreation of the typical network you would have found in many schools during the the 1990's. It primarily consists of a Novell Netware server with IBM LAN Classroom Administration installed.

In addition to the base system, a collection of software and games have been installed, some of which would have been part of the official curriculum, and others that would have been unsanctioned and used in secrecy at lunch (Doom). All software in use is either abandoned, shareware or I have physical copies and I have limited the number of concurrent users to the number of copies I have. For more information about the software licensing and other legal type stuff see Legal Information.

The system is powered by a combination of physical era-appropriate equipment (ps/2 servers, token-ring etc) as well as modern virtualization and networking were required.

There are also some additional aspects in the works including an IBM S/390 accessible via the Novell emulation client, and a physical modem bank attached to a PRI to dial out to legacy bbs's still available over phone. Dialing out to telnet BBS's is currently supported.


Who is this for?

How do you access it?

There are multiple ways to access the environment depending on how authentic of an experience you are looking for, what your main interests are and how much time you are looking to invest. Each method has it's own advantages and disadvantages.

The default username to login is guest, if you enjoy playing around and would like your own username please contact me and I will create one. I have created a self-enrollment system that I may eventually open up.

The fastest is way to check the system out is via the Web Interface by clicking HERE.