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Accessing the system via web browser is the easiest method. The following link will boot a virtual machine at the datacenter and open a vnc terminal.

CLICK HERE to start a new session.

Important Notes

  • You should be autofocused on load, if not simply click in terminal window to focus.
  • Only absolute mouse positioning is currently supported which is great for applications but for some games that read relative movement.
  • Audio is a work in progress, it can be enabled via the checkbox at the top left but it may not work well.


  • Works with just about any desktop browser. Although it will load on a mobile browser i.e. iPhone Safari, the input controls are not mobile friendly at this time so you will be unable to login.
  • As you are only viewing the screen remotely, all the IPX network traffic is local to the client/server, so your network latency to the environment is not critical, the higher the latency the greater the delay between your inputs registering on the screen, but it will be usable even into the hundreds of ms.